We're always on the lookout for new developers

We have put together a sample project to test your coding skills and to see how you can work with instructions we give you.

This project is designed to show your HTML, CSS and Javascript skills and for us to see you have some fun along the way.

Chocpot Developer Application

Our Chocpot developer application asks you to make a website for a revolutionary piece of kitchen cookware, the Chocolate Teapot.

Chocpot Screenshot - Home Page - Desktop
Chocpot Screenshot - Home Page - Mobile


This page will test:

  • Creating a template
  • Creating a responsive navigation
  • Using custom fonts
  • Responsive layouts with CSS

About Chocpot

This page will test:

  • Image alignment
  • CSS 3 animation
  • Responsive layouts with CSS
  • Creating hyperlinks
Chocpot Screenshot - About Page - Desktop
Chocpot Screenshot - About Page - Mobile
Chocpot Screenshot - Order Online - Desktop
Chocpot Screenshot - Order Online - Mobile

Order Online

This page will test:

  • Form creation
  • Responsive form layout
  • Form validation (optional)

Chocpot Application Pack

Your Developer Pack for Chocpot includes all the instructions and assets you need to complete your application. You will also need your own cloud storage space that you can send us a link to when you're done (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive).

You will not be using the BW Core for your application so it is not included in the application pack.

It is important that you read through the instructions in the pack before you begin so you understand what we need.

Download Application Pack