The BW Core uses some other Open-Source free scripts where they have been fully tried and tested and provide undeniable benefits for our websites.

jQuery and Greensock provide a superb framework for Javascript developers - more information.

Smarty (LGPL Licence) - A template engine used in part when compiling our web page layouts with variables. Thank you. visit website

Google Closure Compiler (Apache 2.0 Licence) - Using the program, we can run your combines javascript files through a compiler on our own servers to get this done in super fast time - Thank you. visit website

CSSMin (MIT Licence) - A lightweight minifier - Thank you. visit website

Minify (MIT Licence) - The most comprehensive CSS minifier handling @keyframe tags perfectly - Thank you. visit website

JavaScript-like innerHTML access in PHP - A nice lightweight extension to allow easy innerHTML manipulation - Thank you. visit website