Start using the BW Core begins with some simple installation files. Every website requires an API key and an password. Update the following files with your information. An API key should have been provided to you, and you must define your own installation password.





Once you ave modified these two files and uploaded your complete installation package to your server, run the installation by visiting:

You will need to enter your password and click 'Install' to complete the process. The core will download all necessary files and provide your file structure template to work from. Below are some important folders to take note of.

  • /layouts/ - your layout headers and footers e.g.
  • /css/ and /js/ - contain folders structuring resources into pages/, layouts/ and shared/ each sub folder contains files for each purpose
  • /php/ and /js/ - contain folders structuring resources into plugins/. Further folders hold each plugin. You would add your own PHP plugin to /php/plugins/plugName/plugName.php
  • /pages/ - will hold all your HTML for a given page e.g. index-page.php

Download your web server's public folder contents to your local machine.

Once you have explored The BW Core and configured your plugins you can go to the following URL to download and install your plugins: