BW Core Structure

A basic install includes file structuring, advanced compression and caching, an easy to use website template providing a sticky footer, and an endlessly adaptable structure for designers. Behind the scenes you can also easily configure meta data and all your tags within the head of your document. Each website has it's own loader to ensure the fastest web page response times possible and to prevent external scripts from blocking rendering during your page load.

The page will include a jQuery and Greesock Animation javascript frameworks to provide powerful functionality to Javascript developers. Apart from that, everything else will load in and work just as it is supposed to.

We have also provided a wealth of useful code in our BW Core Javascript and BW Core CSS files loaded into your website. These make coding faster and easier and provides access to commonly required variables about your website.

At the heart of every web page it the Layout class which will compile all your web page files and display a custom Page loader while dependencies are loaded.

You can find out more features by taking a closer look at Installation and Configuration